Solid State Lasers

Mid IR fiber lasers based on rare earth ions doped chalcogenide glasses
V.V. Koltashev, Prokhorov General Physics Inst. RAS, Russia

Pulse instability suppression in Q-switched thin-disk lasers
S. Radmard, Tarbiat Modares Univ., Iran

Near and mid infrared channeled waveguide lasers in rare-earth ion-doped fluoride crystals
A. Sennaroğlu, Koç Univ., Türkiye

Development of ultrafast lasers for high-repetition-rate VUV source generation
Zh. Zhao, Shandong Univ., China


High Power Lasers: Solid State, Gas and Hybrid

High efficiency active air cooled 12kw fiber laser system
J. Ding; GW Laser Technology, China

Gas lasers on hollow-core fibers
A. Gladyshev, Prokhorov General Physics Inst. RAS, Russia

Recent Progress in Fiber Lasers at NTO IRE-Polus and Their Novel Applications
N.N. Evtikhiev, NTO IRE-Polus, Russia

Broadband hybrid laser systems based on mid-IR multiline gas lasers and nonlinear crystals
Yu.M. Klimachev, Lebedev Physical Inst. RAS, Russia

Adaptive optical correction of powerful laser beams
A.V. Kudryashov, Inst. of Geospheres Dynamics RAS, Russia

Generation of highly directional white light in airborne laser plasma
V.F. Losev, High-Current Electronics Inst. SB RAS, Russia

High-power diode lasers: their future and applications
G.T. Mikaelyan, LLC «Lassard», Russia

Planar IR-lasers with RF and microwave pumping
A.P. Mineev, Prokhorov General Physics Inst. RAS, Russia

Development of high power front-end laser system for a sub-exawatt XCELS facility
I.B. Mukhin, Inst. of Applied Physics RAS, Russia

Efficient gas lasers pumped by diffuse discharges initiated by runaway  electrons
A.N. Panchenko, High-Current Electronics Inst. SB RAS, Russia

New generation of broad-range femtosecond IR laser sources: the way to multispectral excitation of matter
F.V. Potemkin, Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia

Electron acceleration and secondary processes with TW femtosecond lasers
A.B. Savel'ev, Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia

Two-dimensional pattern of terahertz emission from single-color femtosecond laser filament
L.V. Seleznev, Lebedev Physical Inst. RAS, Russia

Powerful mid- and far-infrared solid-state lasers
N.G. Zakharov, RFNC-VNIIEF, Russia


Semiconductor Lasers, Materials and Applications

Auger recombination in mid-Infrared lasers based on group IV SiGeSn MQW
A. Andreev, Modelling Solutions Ltd, UK, Tyndall National Inst., Ireland

A quantum dot laser with a single asymmetric barrier layer: A novel design for high temperature-stability
L. Asryan, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ., USA

Suppression of Auger recombination in THz and Multi THz Lasers Based on Heterostructure with HgCdTe/CdHgTe with Quasirelativistic Dispersion Laws
S. Morozov, Inst. of Applied Physics RAS, Russia

Semiconductor colloidal quantum dots: benefits and challenges for optoelectronic application
A.V. Rodina, Ioffe Inst., Russia

Single-mode MBE-grown 1550 nm wafer-fused VCSELs for high-speed PAM4 data transmission
S.-C.Tian, Changchun Inst. of Optics and Fine Mechanic, China


Laser Beam Control

Problems of using laser guide stars
L.A. Bolbasova, Inst. of Atmospheric Optics of RAS, Russia

Dynamic scattering compensation for cellular resolution deep tissue optogenetics
W. Gong, and K. Si, Zhejiang Univ., China

Laser propulsion of 2D nanomaterials on flat surfaces
I.M. Kislyakov, Shanghai Inst. of Optics and Fine Mechanics CAS, China

Generation of monochromatic terahertz vortex Bessel beams by diffractive optical elements and their application in plasmonics
N.D. Osintseva, V.V. Gerasimov, Yu.Yu. Choporova, O.E. Kameshkov, V.S. Pavelyev, B.A. Knyazev, Inst. of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Russia

Light diffraction on the regular domain structures in ferroelectric crystals
S.M.Shandarov et al., Tomsk State Univ. of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Russia

Characterization of optical turbulence in water
H. Song, S.R. Mehdi, M. Wang, Q. Wang, Ocean College, Zhejiang Univ., China

An alternative wavefront sensing technique for free-space optical communication
H. Yang, Yo. Liang, J. Liu and Yu. Zhou, National Univ. of Defense Technology, China

Nonlinear diffraction of femtosecond laser pulses in 3D nonlinear photonic crystals
A.M. Vyunishev. Kirensky Inst. of Physics SB RAS, Russia

Recent advances in nonlinear optics and ultrafast dynamics of 2D materials
J. Wang, Shanghai Inst. of Optics and Fine Mechanics CAS, China


Super-Intense Light Fields and Ultra-Fast Processes

Laser sources of ultra-relativistic electrons, positrrons and MeV gammas
N.E. Andreev, Inst. of High Temperature RAS, Russia

Laser initiated strong THz pulses
A.Brantov, Lebedev Physics Inst. RAS, Russia

Relativistic self-trapping of power laser pulse and accompanying radiation-nuclear phenomena
V.Yu. Bychenkov, Lebedev Physics Inst. RAS, Russia

Generation of CEP stable GigaWatt sub-cycle pulses and its application for spectroscopy of ultrafast electron dynamics in semiconductor
A. Fedotov, Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia

Electron accelerator driven by 1TW femtosecond laser pulses: targetry, principles and prospects
K. Ivanov, Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia

Control of Plasma Instabilites
S. Kawata, Utsunomiya Univ., Japan

Coherent and incoherent scattering a counter-propagating laser pulse at a relativistic electron mirror
V.V.Kulagin1, V.N.Kornienko2, V.A.Cherepenin2, H.Suk3; 1 - Sternberg State Astronomical Inst., Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia; 2 - Kotelnikov Inst. of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS, Russia, 3 - Gwangju Inst. of Science and Technology, South Korea

Recent progress in research on few-cycle and unipolar electromagnetic pulses
N. Rozanov, Ioffe Inst., Russia

Simulation of bunching process and radiation of electrons beams in undulators with plasma by the particle-in cell technique in relativistic boosted frames
A. Zhidkov, Osaka Univ., Japan


Lasers and Systems for Imaging, Green Photonics and Sustainability

On the Spectroscopic properties of biological entities and ecosystems and the

definition of metric and spectral identifiers
A. Reyes, M. Preciado, A. Argüelles, C. A. Galindez, and E. Solarte*, Quantum Optics Group, Univ. del Valle, Colombia

Super-resolution of microsphere-assisted imaging
A.V. Maslov, Univ. of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


Free Electron Lasers

Recent developments in the applications of X-ray Free Electron Lasers
M. Chergui, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., Italy; Lausanne Centre for Ultrafast Science (LACUS), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL),

Experimental stations of the Novosibirsk free-electron laser facility and research on them
V.V. Gerasimov, Budker Inst. of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Russia

Magnetic measurements, pole tuning, landmark measurements and shimming process of hybrid X-ray undulators
B. Ketenoglu, Ankara Univ., Türkiye

Status and future of the Novosibirsk free electron laser facility
O.A. Shevchenko, Budker Inst. of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Russia


Nonlinear Photonics: Fundamentals and Applications

Nonlinearity managed vector solitons
F. Abdullaev, Physical-Technical Inst. of UAS, Uzbekistan

Periodic and quasiperiodic arrays of coupled exciton-polariton condensates
S. Alyatkin, Skolkovo Inst. of Science and Technology, Russia

Gratings induced by few-cycle pulses
R.M. Arkhipov, St.-Petersburg State Univ., Russia

Intelligent control of complex wave dynamics generation in fibre lasers
S. Boscolo, Aston Univ., UK

The interplay of symmetry, topology and optical nonlinearity
Zhigang Chen, Nankai Univ., China

Nonlinear materials with embedded gold array
V. Drachev, Skolkovo Inst. of Science and Technology, Russia

Lightwave breathers
A. Gelash, Univ. of Burgundy, France

Topology of light polarization-ellipse strips in near-field and nonlinear optics
K.S. Grigoriev, Moscow State Univ., Russia

Light bullets in higher-order photonic topological insulators
S. K. Ivanov, Inst. of photonic sciences, Spain

Interference of radiation at fundamental and tripled frequencies with superbroadening of the few-cycle pulse spectrum in nonlinear media
S.A. Kozlov, ITMO Univ., Russia

Kerr squeezed solitons for metrology
G. Leuchs, Max Planck Inst. Science of Light, Germany

Stability analysis of platicons in optical microresonators
V.E. Lobanov, Russian Quantum Center, Russia

New findings for bound states of solitons in fiber lasers
B. A. Malomed, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel

Machine learning-based distortion compensation algorithms for telecommunication systems
A. Redyuk, Novosibirsk State Univ., Russia

Stimulated terahertz emission from molecular crystals
A. Shkurinov, Moscow State Univ., Russia

Periodically poled ferroelectric crystals, thin films and waveguides for light frequency conversion
V.Shur, Ural Federal Univ., Russia

3D waveguide preparation and photon multi-degree-of-freedom control by femtosecond laser direct writing
Zh. Tian, Jilin Univ., China

Beam self-cleaning and wave thermalization in multimode fibers
S. Wabnitz, Univ. Roma, Italy

Nonlinear light field manipulation
J. Zhao, Northwestern Polytechnical Univ., China


Optical Nanomaterials

Size-dependent lanthanide energy transfer amplifies upconversion luminescence quantum yields
G. Chen, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Inst. of Technology, China

Exciton Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanocrystals
A. Datta, Indian Inst. of Technology Bombay, India

Nanoprobes for in vivo imaging applications
M. Gao, Center for Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine School for Radiological and Interdisciplinary Sciences (RAD-X), Soochow Univ., China

Terahertz surface plasmon refractometry of composite graphene layers in the THz range
V.V. Gerasimov, Budker Inst. of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Russia

Energy Transfer Processes Involving Colloidal Perovskite Nanocrystals
H. Mattoussi, Florida State Univ., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, USA

Circularly Polarized Luminescence from Hybrid Chiral Metal Halide
Q. Pang, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guangxi Univ., China

Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of Nanomaterials to Manipulate Light Harvesting
A. Patra, Inst. of Nano Science and Technology, and Department of Material Sciences, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India

Light-Matter Interactions at Nanoscale Leading to Chemical Change
P.P. Pillai, Indian Inst. of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, India

Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Cane Molasses-Derived Carbon Quantum Dots
A. Qin, Guilin Univ. of Technology, China

MBE growth and properties of III-V hybrid nanostrucres on silicon for quantum applications
R.R. Reznik, St.Petersburg State Univ., Russia

Understanding materials at the atomic scale through ab-initio simulations
N. Seriani, Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy

Effect of topology on the optical properties of quantum confined semiconductor nanocrystals
A.L. Simões Gamboa1, E.N. Bodunov2, A.V. Fedorov1; 1 - ITMO Univ., Russia; 2 - Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport Univ., Russia

Utilization of Two Dimensional Materials for Producing Robust Laser
C. S. Tiwary, Indian Inst. of Technology Kharagpur, India

Ternary N-based nanostructures: growth and properties
G.E. Tsyrlin, Alferov Univ., Russia

Spin dependent ultrafast charge carrier dynamics of metal halide perovskite quantum dots and nanoclusters
J. Zh. Zhang, Univ. of California , Santa Cruz, USA


Nonlinear Quantum Photonics

Non-classical resonance fluorescence of a semiconductor quantum dot
J. Loredo, Univ. of Vienna, Austria

Photon-number encoding for quantum optical applications
C.A. Solanas, Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Tuning quantum emission with frequency filtering
E. del Valle, Univ. Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Fundamental theory of Fano resonance in cavity QED systems
M. Yamaguchi, Tokai Univ., Japan


Lasers for Satellite Ranging Systems, Space Geodesy, Space Communication and Global Navigation

Transmission of electromagnetic energy in outer space
A.S. Sigov, MIREA – Russian Technological Univ., Russia

Lasers for satellite and Lunar ranging
A.F. Kornev, Lasers & Optical Systems Co. Ltd., Russia

Coherent laser systems for remote atmosphere sensing
A.S. Boreysho, M.A. Konyaev, Ustinov Baltic State Technical Univ. Voenmeh, Russia